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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Muslims Offended by Danish Cartoons of Muhammad

But they have no problem with the mass murder of 3000 people in America. They can all go to hell for all i care, radical muslims are savage wild animals that should be killed on sight. These assholes are mad at cartoons of how people think of Islam, how do they think people who lost friends and love ones on 9/11 feel about Islam? How do they think civilized people around the World think of Islam?

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supplymadam said...

And the left makes excuses for them. Oh they're repressed,oh they have no positive leadership oh this oh that.
So it's okay for them to kill but we go to war with a country that's been a mennace to us and oteres and it's"Bush lied" Bush did this,Bush did that.
Broken records,hypocrites and a bunch of cry babies spewing the same thing over and over.