"Extremism in the Defense of Liberty is No Vice. Moderation in the Pursuit of Justice is No Virtue!" --Barry Goldwater.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Sean Hannity is Loving the Bush Kool Aid

I am losing respect for Sean Hannity, it seem Pres. Bush can do no wrong to him. Even when Pres. Bush is calling for more gov. spending and embracing leftisr policies. I don't give a rats ass about spreading freedom and democracy in the Middle-East or anything other god forsaken nation o the face of the earth. Why should American boys die freeing people who want to kill us? Let them fight for their our freedom and democracy, damn neo-cons want to spill American blood all over the four corners of the planet. Sean Hannity was once a man of character but with his growth fortune and success he has became fat off of Bush's neo-con Kool Aid. Neo-cons have infected conservative America with a disease named "Internationalism." I love the word "Isolationism," because the World is fill with animals that call themsalves men and i want this nation to wall our selves off from them. And kill them if they ever cross our wall or try to cross it!

Isolationism is a great thing, Americans don't want the job of World police. We should not be in the business of stopping fools from killing each other with the blood of our own. Damn assholes want Americans soldiers fighting in every hell hole on this earth, how many of these damn neo-cons have fathers, sons or brothers going door to door in Iraq? Basters want to defend security around the World butwon't build a Wall along the mexico border. The fact is Pres. Bush is or is being control by internationist liberals. Tonight i have seen the death our this once great nation, I see nothing but leftist crap all around. When so-called conservative eat up leftist liberal socialist trash because it is coming from a man with a "R" by his name we hane no hope. Hannity should be ashame of heimself for not calling it as it is. I feel so sick, America is no more!

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