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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Pres. Bush is Mad if He Think the Right-Wing Will Back Him on the UAE Deal

BeforeAnd after
The United Arab Emirates is an Arab nation and thats enough for me to want this port deal stopped. Just think about it, this deal would give Arabs control of 6 major ports in America including New York; New Jersey; Baltimore, Maryland; New Orleans, Louisiana; and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. All these places are on the top of the Islamist terrorist hit list and the Bush White House want to give it to a Middle Eastern country. I don't want a mushroom cloud over America and given the fact that our borders and ports are just an inconvenience to those who want to kill us, it is looking likely. But this port deal is just crazy, Bush should just cut out the middle man and set off his own nuclear bombs in New York and New Jersey. I have no problem in a company based in other countries like the UK, Japan, South Africa or Brazil owning ports in America but not people we are at war with. And YES we are at war with a segment of the Arab population.

President Bush is just weak on issues that involve big business, money and homeland security, just look at his mishandling of the illegal immigration disaster.

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