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Saturday, February 18, 2006

A Interesting Fact About FDR

FDR and his Wife/Cousin

Franklin D. Roosevelt was a cousin fucker, sorry for being so blunt but its true. The man liberal praise like none other knowingly and willingly got together with his cousin, Eleanor Roosevelt. This little trivia of history prove that liberals are crazy as Hell. Liberals are stupid enough to follow the leadership of a man who choose to marry and of course lay with his blood relative. How could sane people trust the judgment of a cousin fucker? I think a hit man is more trustable than a cousin lover. A hit man probably has better self-control than a cousin lover. Its incest dammit and that’s pretty low, I don’t homosexual is as low as incest. Only thing lower than incest is beastiality, so that put incest somewhere in between homosexual and beastiality. Not a good place to be and that an understatement. I hate Bill Clinton and the way he disgrace the Oval Office but at least Clinton is not a cousin lover.

Franklin D. Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt are two skanks of leftist history; they committed crimes against nature, which hurt the human gene pool. And its not like it was a horrible mistake, they both knew they were related. For goodness’ sake, they shared the same surname. And if that was not enough to clue them in to the fact they shared the same blood, the fact that Franklin and Eleanor saw each other year after year at the Roosevelt family gathering. If America let liberal leftist like Franklin D. Roosevelt impose their moral values or the lack thereof, homosexual, incest and beastiality will become not just acceptable but become the norm. Damn Liberal Freaks!

P.S. Thanks FDR and Eleanor for teaching us not to date people with the same surname as us!