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Monday, February 13, 2006

Picture of Democrat Senator Robert Byrd from his KKK Days

This is a pic of Grand Dragon Robert Carlyle Byrd in his twenties at a Klan rally. Who knew an Ex-Klansman like Robert Byrd would grow up to become the senior senator from West Virginia? And who knew Black America would be supporting the party with a klansman senator? I wonder if Senator Byrd killed any black people back in his Klan days back in West Virginia? I would bet he and his friend did, someone should look into lynchings in West Virginia during the 40's and 50's. I don't think for one momment that all he did for over ten years as a active member of the Klan was only attending rallies and meetings, the bastered got his hands dirty too.
Senator Robert Byrd

Shame Shame Shame Shameful Democrat


supplymadam said...

Can you imagine the backlash if KKK
Byrd became a member of the Republican party?

Myron said...

If Robert Byrd was a Republican in the U.S. Senate we would hear about it everyday from the liberal media. They would use Byrd as an example of Republican racism and throw it in our face every time a policy that may involve race is up for debated. But since Byrd is a Dem he gets a pass on his racist history. Can you imagine the backlash if Dick Cheney had a KKK past?