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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Carter is An Ass

Bush Bashing seem to be the favorite sport of radical leftist liberals like Jimmy Carter. The worse president in American historty attacking a top 10 president at a dead woman's funeral, shameful. Some say Pres. Bush should have walked out of the service but i think the liberal media wanted that and they would have been all over him for for walking out of Mrs. King's funeral. t was sad to see the President sitting there being attack and bash by everyone but I think he did the right thing and sat there as the liberal left embarrass themselves for all to see.

President Bush was a true gentleman in addition to being very presidential in the midst of America’s enemies unlike Mr. Carter and Mr. Clinton. I think this was one of Pres. Bush's finest moments as he showed respect to Mrs. King and avoid joining the liberals in their shame at a funeral.


supplymadam said...

They are so friggin' desperate it is just to the point of absurdity. Losers! The whole bunch of them!

Myron said...

Carter should have had better sense

Myron said...

as a former president

Marcguyver said...

Downright shameful and disgraceful!!