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Monday, December 19, 2005

Single White Mother Capital of America

Are you a single white mother in Seattle? Well if you are, you are not alone. For some reason there are more single white mothers in Seattle per capita than any other city in the country. I know Seattle is a very liberal city and the entire state of Washington as a matter of fact. This is a state so liberal that beastiality is legal and where a man on a animal sex farm was killed several weeks ag during something with a horse. This sick event got national attention and brought Washington liberal laws to national attention, along with live sex shows and their weak child molester law.

Radical Liberal laws are one thing but i want to know want cause this state to have such a high rate of white single mothers. It could be a very socialist liberal welfare law or just the glorifying of a bad situation by local media and Hollywood. Speaking of Hollywood, is every actress in that sick liberal place getting knocked up out of wedlock. All i know is that i think it started with Madonna when she got knocked up by her Mexican gardener or something.

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Kristy Chan said...

Bestiality is also legal in Texas.