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Monday, December 19, 2005

Getting Face Rape by Al Gore

That is not the way you kiss a woman Al Gore!

"I will have your soul woman"

Show him how it is done Pres. Bush.

Man at work

Man look at Al Gore suck the skin off Tipper's face, the poor woman has no choice or imput in the venture. If you ladies want a man to suck your entire face off with his lips rap around your head against your will as you gasp for air i thnk Al is available. Look at Tipper's throat in the picture, she is gaging! lol


dale said...


Marcguyver said...

HOLY SMOKES! Suck her face off man! :)
It reminds me of those cheap "B" movies were some fruitcake is trying to suck out the soul of another vicitm.