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Thursday, December 22, 2005

I Think Hillary Clinton is in Love.

A momment to relive her college days at Wellesley the all girls school. Eyes closed with her arms rapping around another woman, I think Hillary is freaking this woman out.

Why is Hillary's eyes closed if this is not sexual? Look at her face and you can see the pleasure she is having touching this woman. She look like a woman about to kiss a man she is in love with. The other woman look drawn back with Hillary's forwardness.


Libby Rall said...

The lesbian overtones of this post is further proof of your homosexuality.

It is very common for closet cases like you to make "Being Gay" so shocking!

Hillary is not gay, but she will be you next President.

You will still be a closet case, psuedo Con.

Myron said...

A Senator and The Wife of a Former President Getting Close to Another Person sexually is not shocking in itself? The "next President" in a sham marriage is not shocking?

Hillary is worried about the fact that her marriage is a sham not whether she is a lesbian.

Thanks for stop using that fake pic libby. Using the face of someone you don't even know was very distasteful.

Myron said...

BTW can you find a pic of bill and hillary kissing? i have been looking for such a pic for like 3 days now and no luck. I don't think such a pic exist. I have Google search it MSN search it and Yahoo search it but no luck. Kerry pic was easy to fing and the Gore pic but the sham Clinton marriage has no good pic of them really kissing. Please help me find one libby, you being a liberal might know where to find a stage pic of them together.

supplymadam said...

HaHa. Good one. Why not? They are always posting bad pics in the paper of GW. They go out of their way to edit them.

dale said...

English is not your first language, is it? If it is, you are the poster child for how the public education system has failed.