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Sunday, December 11, 2005

John Kerry is Speaking out Against US Soldiers Once Again

John Kerry recently said "there is no reason that young American soldiers need to be going into the homes of Iraqis in the dead of night, terrorizing kids and children, you know, women, breaking sort of the customs of the--of--the historical customs, religious customs."

Aiding and comforting the enemies of America is nothing new to this Top Dem or to his WHITE FLAG Party but hasn't this man learned anything in the past 30 years and with the American people rejection of his BS in 2004. Now he is categorizing American soldiers as terrorist in Iraq terrorizing women and children. John Kerry should cutout the middle man (Al Qaeda) and pick up a gun and start shooting our brave men and women of the military himself.

The American left hatred of the US military has push them off the deep end of common sense and reality. To these nut jobs the terrorist is the American Soldier not those killing children with IEDs in Iraq or Al-Qaeda. Kerry and the socialist left wing sided with the North Vietnamese 35 years and now they have sided with Al-Qaeda against the United States of America. The Marxist Socialsit North Vietnamese won in South Vietnam thanks to the help of the American Socialist left, lets hope the Anti-American radical Islamists don't win in their war against America with the help of the Anti-American left.


Joshua_Tree said...

Is it so hard for you warmunglers to see that having soldiers burst into your homes IS terror to those who experience it?

And besides: You simply cannot bomb the Middle East into loving you. Why are so many americans blind to the fact that their forreign policy feeds terrorism?

BillyBlogBob said...

I have four suggestions for you.
1. Grammar
2. Spelling
3. Fact checking
4. Do not take quotes out of context
You will gain some credibility and respect by implementing these four simple, grade school level maxims.

Cotton said...

forget all of these liberal bastards. what you're saying is true. by Kerry saying what he did, he practically is shooting our brave men and women himself. but at least we had the right idea last November and he's not making any important decisions (or at least not as important).

supplymadam said...

Talk about Ann Coultier being ugly.
Remember Kerry's speeches? "My plan",blah,blah,blah.
The only problem was that he had no plan. Did I miss something?

Marcguyver said...

You da' man Cotton!

Kerry only continues to convince those of us with some common sense just how much of a complete nut-job he really is.

McD said...

"The American left hatred of the US military"?

You are the nut job here, pal. What a typically Ann Coulter-ish overgeneralization.

What is this Pro-Life, Pro-Family, Pro-God, Pro-America, Pro-Defense, Pro-Freedom, Pro-Military, Pro-Constitution, Pro-Capital, Pro-Conservation, Pro-Environment, Pro-Market, Pro-Trade, Pro-Innovation, Anti-Socialism, Anti-Internationalism, Anti-Immorality, Anti-Atheism, Anti-Anarchism, Anti-Criminals, Anti-Communism and Anti-Liberalism CRAP!!!???

You are a blind obedient sheep bleating in the field.