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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Illegal Immigrant Serial Rapist Recaptured

One down and only 10,999,999 to go!
Illegal Immigrant Serial Rapist was captured tonight after his escape from Miami jail Wednesday. Thanks to the help of tips from the public this Illegal Immigrant Serial Rapist is where he belongs behind bars.
Reynaldo Elias Rapalo
His 7 rape victims range in age from a girl as young as 11 and to a grand mother as old as 79. The suffering and torment of the seven victims of this Illegal is because of the inaction of the US Congress and the President. If they were doing their jobs by scuring the border and seeking out illegal immigrants working illegally across America. Illegal immigrants like Reynaldo Elias Rapalo represent a great danger to America, they comprised 30% of inmates at US prisons. Mexico is dumping their human waste into America instead of taking care of their own problems.
And more are coming each day. We do not know anything about these people who are just walking into America. No Identifying, No background check, No health check and No control. Just Stupid Liberalism at work here and it is backed by Pres. Bush and Congress.

Who is the next rapist from Mexico and who is his next victim? No One Knows Yet But Soon We will Know Again.


Marcguyver said...

Just irritates the living snot out of me!!!

supplymadam said...

I can't stand it anymore. Round em up,ship em out and build that friggin wall!