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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Liberal Minded: Abortion Good Capital Punishment Bad

Only a Sick or Twisted person could think the brutal termination of an innocent developing human child is okay while the termination of a cold blooded adult murderer is wrong. I respect the opposition to capital punishment from people of good faith who also oppose abortion. But a person who think abortion is a human right while capital punishment is a violation of human rights is intellectually dishonest. The ability to have an abortion is a matter of human right, it is the ability to violate the most fundamental human right. The right to live, to have life is the basic of all rights. A person on death row has violated someone else most fundamental right thus a good argument can be made that a death row inmate has given up his right to live. A developing child in a woman's womb has violated no rights of anyone. Abortion is capital punishment for the innocent and most helpless among us. A developing human that is aborted gets no trial, no appeal, no clemency, not even a humane death.

These two pictures highlight one of the Socialist Left biggest contradiction, one say "Keep Abortion Legal" and the other say "Stop Executions." I agree with the liberal in the second picture, lets stop all execution. And i mean all executions including the millions of abortions.

The same people who are protesting for murders like Tookie Williams on death row are the same people who protest to keep abortion legal. I just can't understand how people can support a man with multiple murder convictions while demand the death of Innocent children. Over the last 30 years about 1001 convicted murderers have been executed in the US while in that same time over 50,000,000 innocent pre-birth humans have been killed in this country.


supplymadam said...

Because that's the sick country that we live in. Always on te side of the criminals and the terrorists. But not protecting innocent babies.
Although there are some people who shouldn't have kids.

Marcguyver said...

Excellent post; couldn't agree more!

Such a pathetic double standard from these clowns!

...and they trade the truth for a lie.

Myron said...

Tubaligation or vasectomy is the answer for people who cannot even take care of themselves thus cannot takes of children.

Contraceptive that prevent fertilization is good enough for responsible people who understand and accept the chances of pregnancy.

Myron said...

Double standards are the norm of the liberal left. the only truth is what they can use to further their agenda.

supplymadam said...

News flash:
Today on Rush he had a recording of an Iraqi woman being interviewed after the election and she said " If no one likes what America and President Bush is doing for us then they can all go to hell"
You know where you won't be hearing that.

Crackpot Press said...

What about all the righties screaming "Kill Tookie" but they got all pro-life a few years ago when that woman killer turned Christian in Texas got the switch...

What about Pro-lifers who think that murdering Doctors is okay?