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Saturday, December 17, 2005

One thing You Got to Love About Pres. Bush

Is the way he drive leftist liberal radicals CRAZY!

Pres. Bush drive Wacko Leftist Liberals so mad that one of them throw a more than 40 year carreer out the window. Dan Rather let his hate for Bush get the better of him and now he is just a sad 72 years old man with no respect. And i just love to see the Dems on TV going off the deep end everyday on TV trying to attack him, Thanks Pres. Bush. When you see a wacko leftist Dem on the news with a huge vain popping out his head you know Bush did something good that day. I just hope we get someone with this quality to piss off the Liberal Left.


supplymadam said...

I Cannot believe how angry they are. Why no anger over this?http://www.newsmax.com/archives/ic/2005/12/16/93904.shtml

Myron said...

thanks for the link, it is sad that people in high position in the US gov. can use that position to attack thier personal enemies. And WOW, I didn't know Clinton had an affair with Elizabeth Ward Gracen in 1983. How could a man go from having a affair with former Miss America Elizabeth Ward to having an affair with Monica Lewinsky. SAD everything about it is just sad. The affair and the decline in standard, poor bill

Myron said...

sorry i should have said both affairs. I hope Hillary get tested often for STDs if she and bill are still active with each other. the affair count is at have 5 known affairs and one known rape or 2 if you count bill raping hillary.