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Monday, December 12, 2005

An American Hero: Army Col. William Wood

Maj. Gen. William Webster, the 3rd Infantry's commander, recalled Wood's fondness for handing out candy and stuffed animals to Iraqi children in hopes they would grow up with tolerance for Americans. "Bill Wood knew every street and alley in his neighborhoods, and he knew that if the Iraqi kids came out to greet us, even if haltingly, their parents would not attack us," Webster said. Wood, 44, of Panama City, Fla., was killed Oct. 27 by a bomb blast in Baghdad. He was assigned to Modesto, Calif., and was promoted to colonel after his death, becoming the highest-ranking soldier killed in action in Iraq. Wood had rushed to aid one of his company commanders who lay mortally wounded after a bomb exploded. A second bomb killed Wood. The scene of the explosion was littered with school supplies for Iraqi children. "He loved his soldiers and he was there taking care of them," said Col. Glenn Burch. Wood followed his father into the military after graduating from Florida State with a degree in political science. He is survived by his wife, Nanci, and a daughter, Rachel, 13.

-The Associated Press.


supplymadam said...

It's amazing that Americans are such good hearted people trying to do the right thing for world peace and some people just can't see it or refuse to see it because actually they are the ones blinded by hate.

Marcguyver said...


Why the heck isn't this on the front page of every gall darn paper in the country??? Along with all of the other Silver Stars, Bronze Stars with "V", Navy Crosses, etc being one for the last two years??

I'm sick to death of our freakn' liberal press!!