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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Iraqi Woman: "They Can All Go To Hell"

An Iraqi woman being interviewed about the election said "If no one likes what America and President Bush is doing for us then they can all go to Hell." This statment is meant for the radical leftist who believe in cut and run/"the idea that America will win in Iraq is wrong." The same lot of people that populate the Democratic Party (White Flag Party). Dems that think Iraqis cannot have free elections are the greatest danger to the people of Iraq not Al Qeada in Iraq. Just like Vietnam, Dems have the will and power to turn a nation of millions over to cold blooded killers again.

Michael Moore

Bill Clinton

Jesse jackson

John Kerry

Ramsy Clark

Richard Durbin

Ted kennedy

Al Sharpton

Wesley Clark

Howard Dean

All these Blame America First crazy liberals can all do what the Iraqi woman said and go to Hell. The people of Iraq want to be free and they know victory for America is victory for them and their families.


brainhell said...

He these liberals can do them of America of insane debt first what the woman said and towards the hell goes. The inhabitants of Iraq want to be free and it know the victory for America the victory for them is.

supplymadam said...

Always talking through their a-holes!
And frankly I can't stand the smell anymore!

Libby Rall said...

Those are great pictures of great Americans! Mind of I copy them for my blog?

Cotton Runt said...

Coming from what must be to you a "fabled" country (no, not Mexico or Canada) from what many enlightened sages have mooted exists beyond the borders of the USA - "the Rest of the World" - I am interested in the reference in this blog to the "the Democratic Party (White Flag Party)".

As a Non-American (this is not an ethnic group like Afro-American for your reference) I - not unlike most Amercians - don't vote in your presidential elections and so unfortunately do not fall into your black and white, Communist left and Facist Right, good and evil categories for political discussion. (Sorry if the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder doesnt allow you read on)

However, as you most assuredly appear to conform to such views (sorry view) of the world:

I can only assume that from the name of your URL: "farrightwing.blogspot.com", that your reverence for the far-right means you salute a flag on a Red Background with a White Circle in the middle with and a strange black cross with bent edges at its centre.

Co-incidently this was the flag last used as part of a successful brainwashing of a nation into stronger dictatorial goverment by manufacturing hysteria in the form of elevated threats. (Just for your reference and Fox News' - terrorism has been going on for 1,000's of years as a means of disrupting established states and attempting to change their systems. In most cases countries ignore it publically so that the terrorist doesnt think he is having any real effect.

Contrary to Fox News (aka "The Comedy Channel" outside of the US) Terrorism was not invented in 2001 to piss off the "freedom-loving" US) Admittedly, this may come as a shock to those who think the world was created 6,000 years ago and that man first walked and talked when a group of Englishmen got together in 1776 and invented "civilisation".

Coincidently (again) America's facination with the Roman Empire, it's Republic, Senate and Military Prowess is very interesting as it would appear that no one seems to mention that Rome fell into a dicatorship from which real Democracy never re-emerged.

Good luck on keeping your "Freedom Loving" President out of all your affairs as the CIA et al. look set to be tracking all "freedoms" in the US to make sure if you are enjoying them too much.