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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Getting Away With Murder Kennedy Style

U.S Congressman Patrick Kennedy, son of U.S Senator Ted Kennedy got a pass from the heads of the D.C police department after he crashed his car on the Hill near the U.S. Capitol Wednesday night. This drunken bum got a ride home following the incident from the police after he nearly crash into a police car. If Joe Nobody nearly killer two police officers with his car driving drunk, Do you think he would get a ride home?

Like father like son, Patrick Kennedy and his father Ted Kennedy are both menace to society. They both have gotten away with crimes that would have put the average person into prison with charges up to their necks. Hopefully Patrick Kennedy stop drinking and driving before he kills some innocent person. This was not the first time Patrick Kennedy got in trouble driving drunk but for the sake of human life, he should get some real help with his personal demons before he does a Ted Kennedy.

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supplymadam said...

And they wanted to hang Rush Limbaugh. Don't forget Martha Moxley.