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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Democrats Want to Lynch Duke Lacrosse Players

Democrats and all scumbag leftists in the media so desperately want to believe the stripper accuser over the three white Duke lacrosse players. They believe three middle or upper middle class white boys must be evil asshole rapist and the black stripper must be an innocent victim of institutional racism by America. Only one problem, the evidence support the Duke lacrosse players while there is no evidence to date that cooperate the stripper’s story. Yet, Democrats in the Media like Alan Colmes, Susan Filan, Ted Williams, Ellis Henican and Nancy Grace are willing to slander the Duke players on the word of a drunken stripper without evidence of a rape of any kind.

And since the leftist assholes in the media cannot get the Duke players on rape charges, they are going after them on everything else. The Duke players are getting attack by the open-minded leftist hypocrites who believe in college “experimentation” because they hired a stripper for their party. The fact that they hired a stripper for a college party that had alcohol is now being used to say that they are out of control rapist jocks. I wonder if all the men who attend or hire strippers to perform at parties where alcohol were being served are rapist. If that were true, that would mean that we have tens of millions of rapist in America.


supplymadam said...

I heard them too. That's the diference between dems and rep's. The dem's just eyre on the side of the "other class" no matter what. Conservatives want evidence.

Myron said...

Alan Colmes, Susan Filan, Ted Williams, Ellis Henican and Nancy Grace are all scumbags that were calling for the heads of the Duke players on day one. But now that the evidence is coming out in support of the players and against th stripper they are saying we shouldn't jump to conclusions. Assholes were willing to jump to conclusions when it look like should white dudes rape a black chick, fucking leftist hypocrites