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Friday, July 29, 2005

Sen. Bill Frist is a Disgrace!

Sen. Bill Frist is a Disgrace to the Republican Party with no true convictions of his own.

Sen. Bill Frist has just killed his presidential hopes among conservatives by backing embryonic stem cell research. Just Say NO TO FRIST, I knew that guy was no good and a phony conservative. I can’t believe what a scheme the Republicans in DC are running on the American people. This scumbag Bill Frist is suppose to be the leader of Republican senator and a Republican contender for president in 2008 and he has just spit on the conservative base.

I hope Bill Frist rot in Hell with his liberal friends for his lies and his position on using baby parts to fix rich fat elites like himself who have no sense of honor or respect for others. I speculate this scumbag name Frist has some disease and sees a hope for a cure in the dead bodies of human embryos. Frist says “We're doing embryonic research, but with ethical standards”

I wonder what are his ethical standards for using the parts of human babies for medical research and if there is a limit to his madness. Does he really think conservatives are going to stand for this by supporting him to be president? Bill Frist is just another in a long line of Republican back stabber from Justice O’Connor and Justice Souter to Sen. Mccain and Sen. Specter. Well I guess Bill Frist doesn’t know that the American people have ethical standards too and ethical we cannot vote for him.


RightWingRocker said...

Every politician in Washington is a disgrace on some level.

It seems like a disease. Go in conservative, come out big-spending-pork-barrel liberal.

Not many exceptions to this, either.

Hey, man, thanks for the blogroll! Keep coming by. Maybe you can participate in a Cluebatting or two!


GOL said...

"I believe human life begins at conception." -Bill Frist


"I also believe that embryonic stem cell research should be encouraged and supported." - Bill Frist


I believe that destroying an innocent life should be encouraged and supported.

This equation is also known as the Frist-Flop.

Myron said...

Bill Frist is a joke, what a shameless man. I bet the bcak stabber still want to run for the White House in 2008, the moron probably think he still have a chance.

RightWingRocker said...


I doubt he will, but if he succeeds in getting the nomination, what choice will we have?? Shitlery?