"Extremism in the Defense of Liberty is No Vice. Moderation in the Pursuit of Justice is No Virtue!" --Barry Goldwater.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Hilary Clinton a Wolf Trying on Sheep’s Clothing

Don't let Hilary Clinton fool you, she's hard left. Just look at some of her speeches from the 90's and compare them to her speeches now, talk about a wolf in sheep's clothing. She is willing to do and say anything to trick middle America into believing that she is not a liberal of the first degree. She is willing to stay with Bill Clinton, the impeached womanizer and accused rapist for her political aspirations.

She has become the typical politician that is willing to bend with the wind and take on position they don’t believe in to gain more power. Since Gore lost with his ultra-left arrogant campaign Hilary has been putting on her moderate act and since Kerry lost with his anti-business high taxes socialist minded campaign Hilary is now trying to out right-wing bush. But look at her speeches form the past; She made Ted Kennedy and chuck Schumer look like moderate republicans with her calls for socialize health care, anti-military actions and abortions on demand.
The American people don't bend with the hot air that politician blow, we are strong and we know right from wrong.

The Clintons are they only smart people Dems have but the Clintons are one sick group of people. I mean this family is “F” up badly, people should read Ed Klein’s book “THE TRUTH ABOUT HILLARY”

This woman is so power crazed she is willing to stand with a man that as settled several sexual assault law suite with money and has lied about cheating on her for years. The American people especially the America women won’t stand for this. The American woman is proud and strong and will never vote for a woman that is protecting an accused rapist, a proven cheat and liar that has cheated on her with at least 7 women. That’s 7 women when you add the affairs and sexual assaults.

Some say the Clintons have an open marriage and that’s why Hilary plays the role of the abuse wife. The fact that their marriage is open would destroy her political ambition but the abused wife role could get her some sympathy votes from morons. But America is catching on to them and their dysfunctional open marriage and the people don’t want them in the White House again. We remember what the did the last time they had their way there, oral sex and cigar play with a young woman’s gentiles.

Hilary Clinton is a Socialist of the Marxist order that is willing to do anything to further her communist goals. This woman doesn’t represent the great American woman, she hates the family, she hates the military, she hates capitalism, she hates business and she hates the American way of Life. And vote less unborn babies are useless to her and her agenda.

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