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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Radical Islamist Exploit Weakness for Terror

We need to take on these radical Islamist head-on and kill them before they can kill us. Stupid Europeans open their countries to illegal immigration for years and now we see the results on a weekly basis now. And they are not the only ones import workers to feed the welfare states; we are doing the same by leaving our borders open to anyone willing to cross. We need to stop the stupidity and closed the border to illegal immigration and start looking for the enemies within NOW. DAMN RIGHT NOW. We also need to seek out these radical extremist Islamic terrorist in their home countries even if they have attacked us 10- 25 years ago or in the early stage of planning on attacking us. We need to make-up for our weakness of the past 25 years dealing with these terrorist.

I know America went to war in Iraq to remove Saddam Hussein and to secure the large Iraqi arsenal and to end the Iraqi WMD abilities because the Iraqi’s did have the ability to create chemical and biological weapons. And Saddam Hussein was on the pursuit for long range missile and nuclear weapons capability. Saddam Hussein wanted nuclear weapons to counter Iran and their nuclear weapon program. Saddam Hussein was at war with Iran for about 25 years or more and both sides have been trying to develop nuclear weapons since the early 80’s.

America wanted to stop Saddam’s quest for additional WMD and to destroy his current WMD capacity. And Bush wanted to create a Free Society in the center of the Middle East based on Democracy and rule of law. And this newly created country would be a counter weight to Saudi Arabia, cause we don't want a oil crisis like the disaster we saw in the 70s if Saudi left the oil market without a replacement source. The Moron Dems couldn't understand that Iraq was on the road to the the greater goal that is Saudi Arabia and Iran. A Free and Peaceful country that we can trade with moreover buy oil from and in doing so weaken Saudi Arabia’s grip on the international oil market. And then put some real pressure on Saudi Arabia and the Royal Family to stop funding the Radical Islamist or we would fore them out with military action like Iraq. But now the Great Bush Plan is be shot to death thanks to near sighted liberal Dems here who are bent on destroying the Bush Administration even if they have to endanger America or destroy our country.

Iraq and Saddam Hussein inaddition had links to terrorist, Saddam Hussein would pay the family have suicide bombers in the West Bank and Gaza $20,000 after each bombing. And Saddam Hussein was planning a terror attack on America by killing George Herbert Walker Bush just after he retired as President. If Saddam Hussein was successful the entire Bush family would have be killed. Saddam also used poisonous gas (WMDs) to kill thousands of Kurds in Northern Iraq; man, woman and children dead helplessly in their sleep.

We need to stop the Madness and enforce our laws on our border and had our ports. The neo-cons and liberal Dems are working to keep our borders open to illegal immigration for their own twisted self-interest despite the laws of the land and terrorist working to kill as many Americans as they can. We are the NUMBER ONE TARGET and every attack in the work is an attack against us. Islamic terrorist are fighting the most powerful country in the history but they known our weakness and they are exploiting them while we stand around let them. All they need is one nuclear bomb from one rogue state to send our world and economy in the GREATEST depression the world as ever seen with millions of our friends and family dead.

STOP the stupid infighting and letting our country be over run with unwelcome illegal immigrate and moreover focus on those who want to kill us all!

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Anonymous said...

I am offended at the fact that there are still ignorant, bigoted, uneducated racists like you still in this world. What bothers me more is that people like you can sign up on a list and they will hand you a gun to kill innocent people who have nothing to do with you. I suggest you start praying now, the rest of your life might not be long enough for you to be forgiven for the things that you have done.