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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Down with London Mayor Livingstone the Commie

The London Mayor Ken Livingstone is blaming his own country for the terrorist attacks and not the Islamic terrorists. Ken Livingstone is one of the most liberal politicians in Europe today and that’s an incredible feat in irrational socialist Europe. Ken Livingstone is a well-known communist and he’s called RED Ken by the locals in London. RED Ken has proved that liberalism is everywhere and it is based on the same dismissal of reason and facts everywhere. It is so true that liberalism is based on the irrational rejection of logic and factual data in favor of agenda driven hate mongering.

Ken Livingstone is just like the blame America first crowed liberal in the Democratic Party like Ted Kennedy, Chuck Schumer, John Corzine, Hilary Clinton, Dick Durbin, and Barbara Boxer who blame their own nation when its attack of Islamic terrorists. But RED Ken a bit more radical than is American counterpart, he blame British policy for the actions of Islamic extremist while the blood of their victims still covered the London Underground and double-decker buses. Not even the most rabbit blame America first fool among the Dems would have the courage to do that with the blood of Americans still covered trains and buses.

Hopefully Londoner see Ken Livingstone for the coward that he is and take proper action. Or if their happy with Ken, they should surrender to the Islamic terrorists now because with leader like RED Ken London and the nation stand no chance.

RED Ken, I hope the Soccer Thugs meet up with you soon and save their nation from liberals like you that are willing to sign over pieces to Islamic terrorists.


Mark said...

you haven't got a clue about London, you know nothing about London, and it's obvious you revel in your ignorance.

Surrey405 said...

Obviously you have been taught all your life to hate, and taught terms like commie. Shame on you. You need a spanking from a liberal.