"Extremism in the Defense of Liberty is No Vice. Moderation in the Pursuit of Justice is No Virtue!" --Barry Goldwater.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg the Neo-Con

Mike Bloomberg is the perfect example of a NEO-CON. A rich business minded Democrat who think he knows best with a lack of morals or social values who is tired of the bureaucracy and inaction of the Democratic Party. And with absolutely no loyalty to country or to anything that he cannot benefit from.

Mike Bloomberg was always a Democrat, he ran as a Republican 4 years ago because although he was a Democrat, he wasn’t in the NY Democrat inner circle or hierarchy so he could get into the Dem NYC Mayoral Primary. That’s when he registered as a Republican and ran in the open Republican NYC Mayoral Primary and he won.

Mike Bloomberg was a Democrat for 59 years of his life until he decided to run for public office, the Dems wanted him to pay too much to join the Democrat hierarchy in NYC so he trump them and ran as a Republican. Unlike the NYC Democratic Party the NYC Republican is open to all with no picking order and thats the way it should be, the free market of ideas at work. We don't need to create a hierarchy in the Repulican Party like the Dems because this is the Republican Party and the Conservative movement and we are all about ideas and free thinking. If the Neo-Cons or Dems have an idea, we are willling to listen and reject the stupid crap they offer and take in acount any good thought. Thats is why republicans in NYC voted for Bloomberg 4 years ago.

There are no differences to me between neo-cons and their liberal Dems friends on important national issues like illegal immigration, the only different they have is their respective warped self-interest. They want different thing from the illegal immigrates, one side (Dems) want to further their plans for a welfare state by addition more social programs for illegalizes in addition to political power from their illegal vote and the other side (neo-cons) want cheap labor right now and swing voters in the future. Look at NYC under the leadership of Bloomberg, the city is over run with illegal immigrates with a multitude of social program for them.

Neo-cons like Bloomberg should be used when needed but we should watch them closely and keep them in check. Just like how fire is used in the forest to control burn to keep wild fire in check neo-cons should be used to keep Dems in check.

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