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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Nancy Grace is so Disingenuous it makes me Sick

Nancy Disgrace

Is Nancy Grace the most insincere person on TV today? The woman makes my skin crawl as if millions of ants were all over me. Which liberal leftist genius executives at CNN came up with the dimwitted idea to put her on primetime? It absolutely kills me that out of the many people they could have put in primetime, they decided to put a woman with a trial lawyer’s personality in their best time slat. CNN is no strange to great female news personalities, Greta Van Susteren worked at CNN before moving to FOX NEWS and Willow Bay was at CNN before she moved to MSNBC. CNN gave up Willow Bay for Nancy Grace is like Prince Charles trading Princes Dianna for Camilla Parker Bowles, just plain stupid.


Robert Parr said...

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supplymadam said...

I don't think she's insecere,just angry because her fiance' was murdered.

Myron said...

Being angry is one thing but she is such a drama queen though

supplymadam said...

Okay then I'll go with you on that.

Libby Rall said...

Myron, you're the biggest Drama Queen of them all.

But that comes as no surprise, most Closet homosexuals are angry like you.

I enjoy reading your blog, It's important to keep up with the lie machine.

Myron said...

lol is that the best you can do libby? caling someome you don't know a closet homosexuals. I love when liberals show their true colors like you just did with your last post.

When liberal try to disparage their opponents by calling them homosexuals, welfare mamas, perverts or criminals it just prove that liberal Democrats know that their constituent of homosexuals, welfare mamas, perverts and criminals are truly deviants.

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Harriet said...

You people are pro criminal soft on crime liberals if you hate Nancy! Nancy is the only one who covered the Jackson case like it should have been! If you think Jackson was innocent you are a liberal! Jackson is a fag! Nancy was also pro prosecution in the Peterson trial and Pro death penalty. She rocks! Only some psycho Michael Jackson fan would hate her!