"Extremism in the Defense of Liberty is No Vice. Moderation in the Pursuit of Justice is No Virtue!" --Barry Goldwater.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Justice Janice Rogers Brown, Now that Sounds Real Good

President Bush should nominated a well qualify person that conservative can rally behind like Judge Janice Rogers Brown. She is the cure to the Ruth Bader Ginsburg disease on the Supreme Court. And I like to see how the Dems try to deny a well qualify African American woman nomination to the Supreme Court. The only thing the Dems hate more than a conservative woman is a conservative minority especially a black conservative. So a conservative black woman should blow their tops and bring out their contempt for Blacks and Hispanics who don’t buy their socialist welfare state crap.

Best think about Judge Janice Rogers Brown is that she will read and interpret the Constitution and not just makeup liberal socialist junk or bring foreign law into the US Supreme Court. Conservatives are down on President Bush right now but he can quickly redeem himself by nominating Judge Janice Rogers Brown. Please I hope President Bush do the right thing, this woman would not only make a great justice on the Supreme Court ruling on the Constitution but she would make a great president if not a justice on the Supreme Court.


Billy said...

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supplymadam said...

I vote for Judge Brown.Just to rub their noses in it.
Oh and if she is just one or two clicks to the right she would too conservative for the demoncrats,but she can be 10 clicks to the left and she would be just perfect for them. Geeeez!

Myron said...

Bush is suppose to announce his nominee this Friday for the Supreme Court to replace Justice O'connor. I have my fingers cross for Judge Janice Rogers Brown. When Bush nominated john Roberts to replace O'connor all the Dems complained that it wasn't a woman, i say give them a woman akin to Judge Janice Brown. Better yet nominate Judge Janice Rogers Brown and lets see how the Dems will treat the first black woman nominated to the high court. They are always talking about advancing minorities so i say lets see them advance a black woman to the Supreme Court. And better yet America will see how the Dems think of minorities that don't follow their liberal socialist line. They will attack her like nothing else but in the end if BusH stay strong she will make it throuh because conservative America would support her and the president like nothing else on this fight.

Cabe said...

Agreed. Miers is an awful choice.