"Extremism in the Defense of Liberty is No Vice. Moderation in the Pursuit of Justice is No Virtue!" --Barry Goldwater.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

The Equation That Made America Great

It is sad what the Radical Liberal Left is trying to do to America with their socialist agenda that is masochistic suicide. There is nothing named “same sex marriage” and as a matter of fact those three words together is a contradiction on top of contradiction. A man and a woman committed to each other is the corner stone of a great society. No distortion or degradation marriage will be accepted or tolerated. What is wrong with these liberal people who want to destroy marriage as we have known it for 6 thousand years? They want abortion on demand, petifiles free, drugs and prostitution on every corner in addition to the distortion of marriage. I guess they are not happy enough with the fall of marriage that they and their liberal ideas from Hollywood and college professors have done. They want more, they don’t want marriage just weaken cause that is not enough. They want it completely dead and away with once and for all.


sandab said...

Hollywood has always been at odds with rational thought. The good news is people are not buying it. They're just talking to themselves. Good post. ;)

Matt Drudge, Jr. said...

Great site! You will definetly like this podcast blog - news and commentary from "The Right Perspective"!


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supplymadam said...

Give 'em hell,Myron,there are more following your views than you would think! Keep the numbers strong and let's stop letting this country down bending to radicals views.

Libby Rall said...


we have talked about your anger before. Now you've really convinced me you are gay.

there's nothing wrong with being attracted to others of the same sex - so you are a log cabin republican. I wish (for your sake) you would come to grips with your sexuality - you'd be a much nicer and happier person.

Now you will say something about all liberals just attack people.. but I assure you I am not attacking you, because unlike you - I don't see anything wrong with being gay.

so come on out of the closet and get some fresh air!

Love always,

Elizabeth Rall