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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Hurricane Rita a Mainstream Media Disappointment

From watching television yesterday and earlier today I came to realized something wired or better yet sick and revolting that disturbed me to the bone. Reporters and newscasters seem to be disappointed in the lack of destruction and deaths from Rita. Thousands are not dead, Galveston Texas is still standing and the damage is not in the hundreds of billions of dollars leaving the Mainstream Media without the new great disaster they were predicting or hoping for earlier this week from Hurricane Rita. But all their wishes and hopes for another Katrina to report on their 24 hour a day news channels was not enough to charge Rita’s winds thus the Mainstream Media’s lost is our gain as a country. Whatever that is good for the Mainstream Media and their political socialist allies is devastating to America and the way of life that is second to none of Americans.

The liberals behind the hijack Mainstream Media must be so sad that they don’t have another disaster to call for more “Big Government” akin to Europe like what Christiane Amanpour CNN’s chief international correspondent did after Hurricane Katrina. After a disaster like Katrina the smell of blood fill the air and the wolves of the socialist left go on the hunt. I want Christiane Amanpour to know one thing and that is America is not Europe. We are better than weak Europe; we get things done unlike liberal socialist Europe. What Hurricane Rita and Katrina did to America would send Europe back in the Dark Ages, Hurricane Rita and Katrina will only give us Americans a reason to do what we do best and that is build new bigger and better things with modern technology. What would destroy Europe just give Americans a good reason to upgrade.

Now the so-called Mainstream Media is micro inspecting for everything that went wrong in Hurricane Rita but to their dismay there few and far between. But they will find a flooded road or a downed power line and with that they will be able to fill their news hour, front page and even sadder a 24 hour news channel.

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supplymadam said...

Good points there. I agree with on the micro-inspecting of every little thing. It's ridiculous to listen to them. They are just so pathetic. The more they talk the more I hate them!