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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Will Bush Disappoint Conservatives Again?

Conservatives Want Janice Rogers Brown But will President Bush do the right and smart thing and nominate her for Justice breaking from his self-abusive romance with the Left.


getouttairaq said...

Of course Bush has disappointed conservatives again. He is a disappointment for everyone.

supplymadam said...

I guess this time he had to go with Harriet Meyer to avoid the backlash of the left which is a far cry worse than the backlash of conservatives.

Cabe said...

Hey Myron, I saw your post from 2 months ago on that Communist Blog....You really pissed him off!! Hahaha.

You should check out my blog. I'm a Federalist, or a Reagan Conservative.

Anyway. Yes I'm very disappointed in the President. He had a chance to introduce America to Janice Rogers Brown, a wonderful Originalist. Instead Bush cowarded and went with Harry Reid's choice. I'm getting sick of this President. He only gets a C+ in my gradebook. I'm sick of appeasement, I thought he was a breathe of fresh air.

Revka said...

I sincerely hope we don't go off the deep end regarding Harriet meiers. ONe thing i love about being a conservative is that it is commonplace to 'dissent' on issues such as this. AND we don't get nasty with one another. Anyway, i think your blog is awesome, and I tend to agree with your assertion that mayby Bush is going a little overboard in trying to 'work with' the liberals. However, one thing i love about Bush is that he is not a people pleaser. He does not fall into the trap we have grown accustomed to. The trap of 'politics'.. I think he is a sincere, honest person who really wants to do what is best for our country, and not be pushed into decisions by either side. He is a strong president who doesn't give a flip about polls and opinions.
He is there to SERVE America which is uncommon. We are used to the Clinton years where power was central and doing what is right took back seat.
I think the democrats love to see us divided, so while we need to continue being watchful, we need to be careful not to fall in their trap. We don't know about meiers, and yes i agree it would have been easier had he chosen a tried and true conservative, however if you think of the weak-kneed republicans who would have voted against Janice Rodgers Brown, we would have lost someone like her anyway. Mayby Bush knows that Harriet would be just as strong? She just doesn't have a record to prove it. So, is our focus then that we are mad because he didn't nominate someone with proof to make us feel confident? Or should we trust him?
I don't know the answer, but i have chose to trust him. I wasn't sure about Roberts, but apparently, on his first case he is not waffling at all. He is kicking tail.
So, we will see.. But you never know how this will turn out.. The republicans may vote her out, and Bush may go ahead with someone with a record, and then the SPINELESS republicans may get pressured by the EVIL liberals to vote against that nominee.
Bush is not about politics, but unfortuneatly there are some republicans in congress who are.. And they are SCREWING Things up for us, not Bush.

Revka said...

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supplymadam said...


Good one!