"Extremism in the Defense of Liberty is No Vice. Moderation in the Pursuit of Justice is No Virtue!" --Barry Goldwater.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Disappointed Disgusted Sad Sick but I am Back

Sorry I was away for so long but I have been Disgusted, Sadden and absolutely Sicken by the events over recent weeks but I am BACK because True Conservatives cannot benefit from political inaction in a system gone MAD.

Over the past two weeks all my fears about President Bush have been confirmed. He has gone off the deep end and has been reduce to calling conservatives who oppose his Supreme Court nomination sexist and elitist. “Sexist” and “elitist” I couldn’t believe those labs are coming from the so-called conservative president against real conservatives who have real concerns about his apparent idiotic nomination.

Bush has stabbed us in the back but we must fight on without him if we must. I hope no one from that family ever run for head office and especially not for the Presidency again, I am sick of the Bushs and I want nothing ever to do with the lot ever again. They should move to Texas or Connecticut or where ever they are from and live in shame. Only thing I can say is that they have stuck a great blow to the Conservative Movement from Bush 41 promising the American people no new taxes to his son Bush 43 spending spare, failure dealing with illegal immigration and lack of male glands when dealing with crazy radical liberals.

I just pray to God that a Real Conservative governor or senator setup to the plate and defend America from the anti-American leftist Democrats.

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