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Friday, February 16, 2007

Asshole of the Week: Kenneth D. Lewis CEO Bank of America

Greedy Asshole willing to fuck over his country for a few dollars from illegals. Dirty Dog CEO!

Bank of America Corporation chairman, chief executive officer and president Kenneth D. Lewis is an asshole for allowing his company to help illegal immigrants break American laws. Ken Lewis was born April 9, 1947, in Meridian, Mississippi.

He is getting over $7.2 million per year in salary for screwing America over plus $20 million in bonus.

Offering checking accounts without a Social Security number will not only give illegal immigrants more incentives to break American laws but it will also help drug dealers to launder money.

NO Loyalty to America

Bank of America Address is
100 N. Tryon St., Charlotte, NC 28255

Bank of America phone number is


Jason said...

Ken Lewis loves the USA and creates value for all his stakeholders. You are the asshole of the week for having this stupid blog.

Chancer said...

Kenneth D Lewis has not created value for his stakeholders. Worse, he is a threat to the nation's financial stability as a whole. He lords over a financial mega corp with no transparency. He allows changes to clients accounts without notice, leaving planning impossible. Most recently cancelling individual and commercial client credit lines with no explanation or remorse. Since then he announced he would lay off 35,000 employees of the company he controls.
These actions have caused business to close, job loss, employees unpaid. All this clearly results in a destructive financial wave across the nation.
Kenneth D Lewis is a traitor to the people of The United States and should be treated accordingly.

Edward said...

Ken Lewis has destroyed 80% of the shareholder value and this week, cut the dividend from 32 cents per share to 1 cent per share. By any rational measure, he is a failure. The B of A is today insolvent - why else did they take $45 billion from the taxpayers. The Feds now own 6% of the company, meaning the B of A is now partially nationalized. The taxpayers are on the hook to back stop up to an additional $100 Billion in losses on their toxic waste. We are taking steps to pull our accounts out of the B of A because we find their management is no longer trustworthy and because the Bank appears to be insolvent.

FrankDenton said...

Bank of America just charged me a $10.00 fee for debiting my Bank of America Card $20.00.

This bank is run by assholes for sure, do you think I will deposit a penny with them ever again. I called their 800 number, I had to repeat my account number 3 times before I got a $10.00 an hour clerk who could only say "I'm sorry you feel that way, I'm a consumer too and I agree with your sentiments."

I called Bank of America Senior VP who was pissed off I had her personal cell phone number, but I can assure you she will probably have to change it, but not before I let her know my displeasure with BoA, anybody got Ken Lewis's number?

Mike said...

Fuck Ken Lewis

Mike said...

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Risa said...

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Mike, give your computer to someone else and report to prison where we all will be glad to see you end up sooner or later. And please give any pets away.... you only want power over them. Spend some time on facebook and try to see if you can dredge up someone to like you.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Here is Ken Lewis home phone and address. his wife is Donna

7515 Morrocroft Farms Ln
Charlotte,NC 28212


here is is vacation house in.

142 Wrights Rd, Aspen,Co 81611