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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Duo of Treason: New York Times and Los Angles Times

We need a new Sedition Act to deal with the enemies within this nation like the publishers of the New York Times and Los Angles Times. If the liberal scum that publishes these two anti-American pro-Jihadist papers are not stopped, innocent Americans will pay the price with our blood and lives. This past week the leftist socialist liberal elites decided to print detailed articles on how this nation is protesting itself from another 9/11 by tracking how terrorist move their money. It would seem that the leftist scum at the New York Times and Los Angles Times do not realize or care that the crazy Jihadist head-cutters want to kill their families too. I just cannot understand why an American newspaper would disclose information that is vital to the security of America.


supplymadam said...

Because the only freedom of speech they want to protect is their own.

Doug said...

Bush and his own administration have been talking about the financial-tracking program for years. Why are you (and they) suddenly getting your panties in a wad over it now?

supplymadam said...

I have to say to Doug. Why is the Times getting their panties in wad? What do you really think the purpose of them publishing that story was? To keep the public informed? Yeah right. Always the same answer with the same underlying agenda. So if I am in a crowded building and yell out "FIRE" and someone gets trampled on. I can say I have freedom of speech?
Maybe they have been talking about it but not at a time of war and especially not to undermine.You can agree with them all you want about "the public having a right to know" but I know what their reasons are.
And the terrorists didn't know to what extent that program reached. Freedom of the press should have limits too you know.
Hopefully Keller can now join the ranks of Ward Churchill. I think Al-Qaeda is in the market for new recruits.

Lachlanjack said...

I was wondering how my friend could save a fortune on her credit cards. Now I too have the secret.

Verlch said...

Yeah, those Newspapers are way too liberal. Must be where our nation and world is heading.