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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is Dead: USA USA USA!

This is a good day for America, I love the U.S Military and the good work they are doing in the war against Extremist Muslims. I cannot believe how good the death of another human being could make me feel. Go to Hell you Terrorist Asshole!


supplymadam said...

Now only if Clinton would have done the same thing when he had his chance at Bin Laden.

Myron said...

There goes the Clinton/al-Zarqawi presidential ticket. Now that Hillary Clinton's running mate for 2008 is Dead, what are the Dems going to do? lol I have seem some very sad liberals today on TV, the leftist scum lost a hero with the death of Zarqawi

Philip Pacanowski said...

Heck, if only the Bush dynasty allowed the CIA to catch him when they had the chance in October 2001. Rather than bring a swift end to the horror of innocent human slaughter, the CIA were ordered NOT to catch him. That way, the Bush regime could propagate a climate of fear and hate. Now, five years later, we are witnessing the terrorists, but not the death of terrorism. Every time you kill one terrorist, as long as there are others angered by the loss of one of their allies, then that terrorist will be replaced by another, even more ferociously driven than the last.

And I do not think al-Zarqawi was a hero. He ordered the death of innocent civilians, which is never defensible.