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Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Virus Called Liberal Socialism

Damn Liberal Socialist Northeast Republicans, it’s not your party too dimwits.

Liberal socialist are trying to infiltrate the Republican Party to bring it down from the inside like the cancer they are, we all know how Liberals operate. Just like a virus (example HIV), they penetrate the health organism thought the weakest areas or easy openings. When in the health organism they hide from the immune system because viruses always start out weak and feeble. All while they consumer the greater organism and gain strength in their meager bodies. After time causing diseases in the once strong organism they flourish in the inevitable death of their oblivious host. But they too are oblivious to one important fact, upon the death of the host organism they too will die.

Liberals socialism can attain power, but socialism is not self sustainable and like any other virus they will cause their own deaths eventually.

Victims in America of the virus called Liberal Socialism below

The Democratic Party: socialist penetrate the Democratic Party in the 20’s and own it now.

The Black family: socialist penetrate the proud hard working Black Community in the 60’s and we see the results today clearly.

The American Catholic Church: socialist penetrate the Catholic Church in the 30’s as a result homosexuals had their way with our children from the 60’s on.

The Poor: socialist always had the Poor, few escape every now and then.

The Public Schools and Institutions of Higher Learning: socialist penetrate the Public Schools in the 50’s and now most Public Schools are producing future welfare queens and inmates. Institutions of Higher Learning producing fewer engineers, masters, and great thinkers instead we get Marxists

The Blue Collar Worker: tough to say when the Blue Collar was penetrated cause it happened so slowly unlike others like the Black family but now we see blue collar work being ship overseas because we can’t compete.

The Main Stream Media Establishment: tough to say when because it happened so slowly like the Blue Collar Worker.

Current targets of the virus called Liberal Socialism below

The American Family

The US Military


Profitable Corporations

The Republican Party

The Boy Scouts

Remember viruses need to continually spread or else it will die with its host.

For the 2008 GOP Presidential Nomination, Northeast Republicans need not apply. John McCain need not apply too nor anything liberals socialist Republican

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