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Monday, June 27, 2005

Pres. Bush Address the Nation on Iraq & Terror

President Bush should outline America’s goals in Iraq tomorrow and in an indirect way communicate to the American People when the troops will be coming home. He can do this by stating first how many Iraqi soldiers are now trained and at what rate they are being trained. And most importantly state the number of Iraqi soldiers needed to secure the country.
People then can do the math and get a rough idea when our brave men and women will be home. This rough idea should be 3 moths before actual victory is declared.

These figures should be spread thought out the speech so is not to appear too obvious.

America’s goal in Iraq should center around Iraqi troop numbers, the ratification of The Iraqi Constitution and the first election after ratification and of course relative stability.

All this should be done in 18 months or less, the actual date should not be release in the press until a month before at which completed victory should be declared and plans to withdraw US troops discuss.

Pres. Bush Should also point out significant achievements in Iraq including the resent election, writing of The Iraqi Constitution, the stability in most of the country, the number of Iraqi troop trained and in service, Saddam Hussein’s capture and pending trial and the formation of the first democratic Arab state. In addition to the significant accomplishments America has made in Afghanistan.

The speech must include Afghanistan because of our numerous successes there furthermore global accomplishments against terrorism. And for God sake please Pres. Bush should say something about our domestic border security like what he’s doing to improve the situation.

A strong mention of US border security would pop Pres. Bush’s poll numbers up 10 points alone!

This must be a speech on terrorism that centers on Iraq but not limited to Iraq. And this speech should communicate that the War on Terrorism is an on going fight.

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