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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Why Bank of America Hate America?

Its rumored that Bank of America is considering changing its name because the people who run the bank believe the "America" part of their company's name is hurting their image. This should come as a kick to the nuts of the American people after the big story last month. Thats when we first learned that Bank of America is offering credit to illegal immigrants along with checking accounts. Illegal immigrants without a Social Security number or a credit history can now take out credit and open checking accounts that are FDIC insured. I wonder if they are going to change the name of the bank to Bank of Mexico because thats what its becoming.


Jonas said...


Could you blame the Bank of America for embracing the all-American value of Capitalism? Illegal immigrants are a big market and there's lots of money to be made in offering bank-accounts to them. So, it's only natural that a truly American bank would cater to this market. And just because it's FDIC insured doesn't mean it's penalizing American taxpayers. The banks pay for the insurance, not taxpayers.

Norak said...

You say you're pro-freedom and pro-market, so shouldn't you respect the firm's decision to maximize profits as they wish?

Anonymous said...

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charloch said...

So what - I am an American - the white skinned third generation kind you like so much and I have bank accounts in three countries. In two of them it was easier for me to get credit than it is for the natives. How is this relevant? It is not illegals forclosing on their houses - it is dum ass Americans who have been sucking on the credit nipple for twenty years.