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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Hillary Clinton used FBI Files Against Clinton Enemies in the 90's and Thats a Fact!

The Clinton White House improperly requested 330 FBI files at Hillary's orders starting in 1993. These FBI files were found in the White House vault, 700 in total was recovered. These files were not used to fight terrorist but were use to fight domestic political opponents. The media and authorities let this huge crime against the America people go unpunished for over ten years now. The same media is not calling for impeacment because Pres. Bush allowed the NSA to intercpet phone calls from and to known Al Qaeda members.


supplymadam said...

Another thing they conviently forget and sweep under the rug.
I know all about this but the democrats have their usual selective memory regarding this.

Doug said...

Well, if you "know all about this" then you also know that the independent counsel assigned to the case determined there was no credible evidence that either the Clintons or their senior White House staff were involved.

It's really entertaining to watch you guys continue to get your panties in a wad about the Clintons, though. I don't think Hillary would make all that great a presidential candidate, but I'd almost be willing to vote for her just to watch you guys' heads explode when she got elected.

supplymadam said...

Hey Doug,
Just like you guys your panties all in wad about Bush before the facts as well.
It just goes to show how typical of the media and co never wanted to do anything to discredit a democrat. Be it Clinton or any other for that matter.
Like where was the MSM bashing of the democratic run NO. No bashing there but oh so quick to call Bush a racist over it.