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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Blood thirsty Leaders of the Socialist Left

Lets start with the most recent murderous Leftist thug to be brought to justice, Saddam Hussein. Saddam as been the dictator of Iraq as the head of the Iraqi Socialist Ba'th Party for over 25 years.

And here is a current Socialist dictator who need to be brought to justice. Hugo Chavez founded the left-wing political party the Fifth Republic Movement and is a close friend of Fidel Castro.

The people of Venezuela kicked him out of office about two years ago but Chavez was a career military officer before coming to power so he was able to gather enough force to regain power.

Lets go to one of the early leader of the Socialist Movement and one of the most blood thirsty evil son of a gun the World as ever seen. The name Stalin embody everything that is Marxist Socialism, death and suffering.

Benito Mussolini was a socialist leader of Italy as the head of the "Fasci d'azione rivoluzionaria internazionalista" the fascist political party founded in Italy atfer a group of socialist broke from the old sociclist party of Italy over the issue of Italy's entry into the First World War. So Fascism is another form of leftist BS.

The people of Italy killed this socialist thug by draging his body in the streets for his crime against them.

Adolf Hitler was the leader of Nazi Germany as the head of the Nationalsozialist (National Socialist) or Nazi Party. Hitler was a first class blood thirsty leftist that murdered milions in cold blood.

He comitted suicide in a hole underground like the socialist leftist scum he was.

Vladimir Lenin was one of the founders of the Evil Soviet Union and main theorist of Leninism, which he described as an adaptation of Marxism. The Russian people rejected one group of assholes the Tsar for this Communist thug.

Communist leader of China Mao Zedong probably responsable for the deaths of more people in the history of the World, 250 million to 300 million people die in China because of his direct actions or socialist policies.

Fidel Castro promise the Cuban people demacacy and freedom but gave them a dictator himself and communism for over 40 years.

Pol Pot was Prime Minister of Cambodia as head of the Communist Party of Cambodia, this leftist scum-bag kill 2 million people during his rule.

Syrian President Bashar al-Asad another member ofArab Socialist Ba'th Party along with Saddam. He is one of the leading sponser of international terrorism and as with most sociaist dictatiors his power and control of Syria is held togather by force and fear.

And my favorite murderous socialist left winger mad man Kim Jong Il aka lil kim. This communist thug perfer the best things in life like the finest food and rarest million dollar cars, all this while his country starve because of his socialist policies. The people of North Korea are being held hostage to a little monster being back by communist China. A picture of this man should be in the dictinary under the words left-wing, socialist and communist.

There you have it, 11 or so of the most evil man in the last hundred years and coincidentally some of the top Socialist icons and power men of the left-wing. What a list, the radical leftist Dems are in amazing company.


supplymadam said...

And to think that liberals like Castro. Amazing. And Bush scares them? Puuleeez! Yep these are tyrants that if left in power would look to control the world. As a peace keeping nation it is our civil duty to keep guys like this from continuing their reighn of terror.

Myron said...

American liberals like Castro because of unlimited abortions that is nearly 5 times the rate of America per-capita, he hate America as much as them, so-called universal health care that is really a third world death sentence (i bet he doesn't go to the same hospital that the average black Cuban is force to go to) and is ability to maintain a one party radical leftist socialist government for over 40 years.

anonymous said...

An articulate rightwinger, aren't you? By the way, oh Sunshine-That-Illuminates, Hitler is a bit more to the right than you credit him to be. Also, liberals do not support Castro any more than those rabid congressional figures, both "left" and "right" who've upheld the embargo against the tiny nation-state for the past 40 years. Liberals -- or whatever it is that passes for liberal these days -- are just as anti-communist and red-baiting as your lovely rightwingers have always been. And doesn't Norquist have a portrait of Lenin?


The Anarchistic Atheist

Myron said...

Nazi Germany, or the Third Reich, refers to Germany in the years 1933–1945, when it was under the control of the National Socialist German Workers Party, or Nazi Nationalsozialist (National Socialist) Party, with the Führer Adolf Hitler as head of state. Hitler was the leader of a socialist labor party and the head of a leftist socialist government so to me that make him a left-winger that kill millions just like Stalin. Just because Hitler hated Marxist socialism aka communism does not make him any less of a lefist socialist. Not all socialist are communist but all communist are socialist.

wanda said...

If you did even a wee bit of investigating you'd find the beliefs and policies of these men are more in line with the philosophy of the right than the left.
The left believes in FREEDOM for all, and equal rights for ALL. They also believe strongly in the redistribution of wealth. Not exactly inline with those who would hoard it all for themselves now is it? Sounds a lot more like the wealthy Bush's, Cheney's, Rove's and their bunch. The right believes I earned it, it's mine, and I can spend it or do what I want with it. Screw taxes that just go to the lazy poor. Now THAT sounds like 'lil kim' and Saddam. Oh and lets not forget Cheney's insistance that 'torture is [sometimes]necessary'. In fact isn't it the RIGHT who's calling for the right to torture those they deem warrent it? Again, sounds like the people on your list lean more to the RIGHT than the left.

Stephen said...

You're very misguided if your argument is that Hitler was a "leftist." He was actually at the very far right of the political spectrum and sought to destroy leftist communism from the European continent.

I'm so sick of people using history to make unfair arguments. Educate yourself before you preach.

Sam said...

I won't go into your argument, but I will state that your use of photographs is an infringement on the copyrights of all photographers who have taken these photographs. So unless you intend to credit them or ask permission, I suggest you use photographs with caution. The words you put below these photographs may be agreeable to you but not the intent of those who took the photographs. This should be in line with your political ideology.

tim said...

you are an idiot. these men may have been evil, but really we don't need you to restate the facts that are filled with lies. cause some kid is going come to this site and think every thing you said on here is true. you filled your site with opinions and spaced out your facts that aren't even completely true. you my friend should shut this site done. and your right to talk should be taken away from you. you are another example to prove this saying "opinions are like assholes. everyone has them" only thing worse about u is you state them as fact