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Monday, February 28, 2005

President Bush Tout Democracy in Russia

President Bush went to Russia and touted the necessity for a government to listen and response to the demand of its people through a democratic process. At the same time, President Bush is defying the voters who supported him on November 2 with is lax and reckless position on illegal immigration. It is beneficial that President Bush is spreading the idea of democracy and free markets in order to “defend our national interests around the world in order to make us safer at home” and I for one support him 100% on his aspect of his agenda. But we must ask Bush, what ever happened to defend our national interests at home?

Bush need to support a strong border policy because it is in America’s best interest and in his best interest because if an Al-Qaeda type cross the Mexican border and commit a terrorist act within the next four years Bush’s impeachment is likely. Amnesty for illegal immigrants make as must sense as amnesty for thieves like Ken Lay and Scott Sullivan. Amnesty periods encourage future illegal immigration and reward current lawbreakers. President Bush should understand that it should not be the American way to reward and encourage bad behavior through relaxed law enforcement and financial incentives.

Even Hilary Clinton is moving to the right on this issue in her ongoing (post 2004 election eye-opener) repositioning for a 2008 run for the Whit House. Clinton’s bogus remake will drawer a portion of Bush’s 2004 support form the GOP in 2008, if the White House continues down this current path on illegal immigration. Many people I know voted for Bush over Kerry to ensure national security by rejecting liberalism. So, why is Bush adopting liberal polices?

The Russians need the something as Americans, a government for the people by the people.


Schroeder said...

No doubt you've heard the news that Putin is not going to change his policies on appointing governors, despite Bush's statements.

Oh yes, well, then there is the sensitive issue of...ahem...Russia signing a deal to provide nuclear material to Iran, which the United States criticizes as a sponsor of terrorism.

Putin, the former KGB officer, knows he has Bush by the balls. Bush is no competition for a guy who survived the totalitarian cruelty of the most feared intelligence agency the world has ever known. Bush can barely tie his own shoelaces, much less go head to head with the likes of Putin.

Don't be so sure Bush knows what he's doing.

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